Paper choices are significant cost factors in a project. You don't always need to know of, or specify a brand of paper. Ask us for our suggestions and ask for samples! Many printers have specials on paper brands that relate to amazing discounts without sacrificing look, brand integrity or quality. Often 2 brand names are the same item from the same mill but carry different pricing, so ask us for suggestions. Generally the following criteria need to be answered...

feeder-40inPaper grade

-Ultra Premium
-#4 or #5 ground wood or free sheet (this for newspapers or circulars)

Thickness, weight

-Text weight: 35#-40#-50#-60#-70#-80#-100#-110# (also bond weights)
-Cover weight: 65#- 80#-100#-120#-130#-160# dbl
-Packaging Board and C1S/C2S: 7pt.-8pt.-10pt.-12pt. -14pt.-16pt.-18pt. -20pt.-24pt.-28pt.-32pt..

Paper surface

-C1S - Gloss coated 1 side/uncoated side 2
-C2S - Gloss coated 2 sides

Papers come in standard sizes so we may ask you to consider the size of your finished piece to save money or we can always provide you with options.

PAPER SAMPLES: Ask us for samples --We have all swatch books from all paper companies!!
When we narrow down your preference we will send you paper models made with the actual stock, size and page count you need



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Case Study

  • Product Line Launch for B2B Retail Supplier

    This company was created from scratch by a parent company as a specialized business-to-business storefront. The assignment began with a brand identity program, and grew to include a catalog development and production, and an SQL-based secure online storefront with thousands of skus. Due to the close communication this firm will have with its customer base, the talkbox metaphor was deployed to illustrate that Merchandising Essentials is an active listening partner for their clients. designPhase3 established the production web site soup-to-nuts, from sketch on a napkin to first sale.

    • Project supervision
    • Competitive bid spec
    • Proofing
    • Fullfillment A and B lots


    Merchandising Essentials

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