Print Management

As professional print managers, we take care of all of the details drawing on years of proven industry experience. Because of our network of sources, we can optimize both pricing and turnaround, even on complex and demanding work. The competitive pricing we offer is the result of knowledge of the equipment and automation possibilities that will most effectively produce your print work.

Print is a key aspect of your online plan, with particular advantages:

  • It works face to face, with a personal interaction adding a force multiplier
  • It bypasses ad blockers, incognito browsers, and reader mode
  • Because it requires an investment, it signals a convincing level of security and permanence difficult to achieve in the online space.
  • And it works passively - it finds the customer, rather than waiting for a customer to find it through incidence.

We blueprint your project, develop specs, provide options for efficient production, obtain estimates from qualified printers and manage your press runs. We work closely with your creative/design staff or we can assist with the design portion of the project for you. At the end we manage mailing, fulfillment and distribution.

If it's a print piece we can produce it for you, providing an end-to-end process to maximize quality and minimize costs.

And how do printers feel about this? They enjoy working with us for the same reason you do. Our industry knowledge and detailed communication helps them become more effective partners. They value the business we bring and our clients benefit by seeing greatly reduced lead times, excellent prices and the time saved can be used toward their firm's productivity.

The 'push' to get qualified leads.

Many marketers, both direct to consumer and B2B turn to social media or digital advertising to push their campaigns to algorithmically prequalified recipients.

These campaigns known by those who are overwhelmed by these ads to by noisy. Ad delivery networks in a CPM environment are in the business of collecting clicks, not getting results.

At the end of the day, it's only advertising. Just ask your doctor.

Print establishes legitimacy.

A well-conceived print correlative can establish legitimacy because it signals an investment, instantly communicating substance behind the campaign. The quality of the print work multiplies the strength of that signal.