SQLDirect delivers cost savings to print customers

Printing: Not A One Size Fits All Business

Each print job is matched to the core capabilities of specific printing plants to determine the most effective source for each job. Then we manage ALL of the customer service to make it a hassle free experience getting your products on time and on budget. The printers invoice you directly at the agreed upon price. Having the print job at the optimal facility avoids excessive outsourcing markups and delays you may experience by sending it to the “usual printer.”

Specialization is why it’s not a one size fits all business. It would be impossible for one company to own all the different presses and finishing equipment that for instance in one company produces magazines or in another that produces product packaging. Because of our years of project planning, plant management and estimating experience, our clients access all of the specific equipment and automation that will provide the lowest costs for their print work, also resulting in the quickest lead times.

SQL Direct provides a source and solution for most every printed product such as catalogs, brochures, personalized direct mail, product packaging, banners, labels, posters, books, magazines, pocket folders, greeting cards, sales literature and product inserts. See a larger list of custom products we provide under “Print Services.”

High quality is always guaranteed. We keep the client's brand consistent across many different print mediums.  Also sustainability factors in to all of our recommendations. Our print partners all subscribe to active programs in recycling and low carbon footprints. Please see our blog post on sustainability.