Pro Tips

Varnish. It's not a dull subject.

It has been long known that you will achieve great gloss dull contrast in your print work by running a varnish or two offline as a second pass, but that is expensive and time consuming adding extra days to dry then the expense of both sides going back through the press.

Picking the right paper

Paper choices are significant cost factors in a project. You don't always need to know of, or specify a brand of paper. Ask us for our suggestions and ask for samples! Many printers have specials on paper brands that relate to amazing discounts without sacrificing look, brand integrity or quality.

The Case for Hardcover Binding

Case binding introduces some new materials that don't come into play with saddlewire or perfect bind publications. Publishers and designers will need to consider some additional material decisions outlined in this article.

Rich Black is the New Black

In process color printing, the color black provides important outline information and shadow definition to the 4 color images. Typically the gray scale of black in a halftones ranges from 1% to 100%.