PURL Marketing

For example, Joes Ford sends a personalized direct mail to Ken Smith. The mail piece is variable data and features the new Ford Focus Ken looked at when visiting the dealership. The mail piece thanks Ken then encourages him to visit a website for a special offer on the Ford Focus in which he's interested. The PURL might be something like ... or

Ken goes online and enters the PURL to the browser (or scans the QR code) and is taken to a Landing Page – like the direct mail, one personalized to him. Joe's Ford is instantly notified of the visit and any information he enters through the website.

Ken didn't have to go to the main website of Joe's Ford and find his way through several pages to the special information on that product. The landing page gave him all the information he needed to make a purchase of the product that interested him.

All other hits on from the Direct Mail/ PURL campaign also notify Joe's Ford and are tracked. The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured.

The benefits of PURL marketing are pretty clear:

  • Increased response rates – sending clients immediately to their point of interest.
  • Tracking responses in real time with email for instant follow up on hot prospects
  • Having a deeper more relevant data base on your prospects and clients.
  • Measuring results and fine tuning future effectiveness

The landing page should look just like the direct mail piece or email marketing piece that drives the prospect to the web. We have a lot of tips on creating all of these elements from a design perspective that will increase effectiveness. You have very limited time to keep the prospect's attention on a PURL so getting this right is critical. Even less focus time is given by the mobile phone user. This becomes an even more challenging selling situation.

Ask us for complete assistance on the PURL portion of your next direct mail campaign. We will take care of it all and give you the best return on investment.