Microsites Are a Very Big Idea

Microsites Are a Very Big Idea

Perhaps nothing can put a finish on your print campaign like a microsite, a branded online experience designed to simultaneously support a product launch or a promotion, your main online web application, and (ahem) your customers!

gustos-mobileA microsite -- or a well-crafted landing page -- deals directly with your customers' main objection to your commercial web application - how do I find the product from the front page? This is especially important for new customers who may have never visited your site before. This solution removes all elements that distract from evaluating the offer at hand. Once that is complete, the process continues by handing the customer off to your main website, where they can add product to your shopping cart application, request further information, and tour the rest of your site. 

The difference between a landing page and a microsite is that the landing page is usually resident inside your main web application, whereas a microsite is a limited duration publication that resides outside the main website - often on another server. A microsite will also have responsive (mobile-optimized) features, which your ecommerce or CRM web application may not, and offer your (new) customers a friction-free 'click to buy' experience.

Auto-LandingPage-MicrositeMarketing professionals appreciate microsites because freed from the necessary limitations of a large web application, they allow practically unlimited creative latitude. One immediate design benefit is branding and cross-branding can be fully extended to the promotion - and management likes this approach because it ticks the meter on the most important metric on the main website: conversions.

SQLDirect provides both landing pages and microsites, built to your brand standards, and are cross-browser compliant. Our microsites are usually built using the most popular CMS platforms, which makes for lower cost, total stability, and your ease-of-use. Your own staff or content contractors will likely all have experience using these types of platforms.

So consider finishing off your print promotion with a dedicated landing page or microsite. Add it to your cart.