the influencer

Packaging is the confirmation of your product quality and the hands-on influencer of the buying decision.

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corporate / commercial / institutional
Print management

Work includes all forms of collateral – brochures, folders, kits, point of sale, annual reports, and more.

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the power of data management
Direct Marketing

Data management (including variable data), production versatility, and postal optimization combine for maximum effect

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websites and microsites
web development

Mobile-responsive development of public and portal websites, microsites, and landing pages

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Color: Messages and Meaning

SQL Direct was selected to handle print production for the breakthrough Pantone publication, Color Messages and Meanings. This 144 page book delved into the importance of color in branding and the emotional impact color choices have on consumers as noted by the world renowned color expert and author, Leatrice Eisemann. The book outlined the use colors that will communicate different moods and support messages to consumer audiences through advertising, printing, packaging, signage, point-of-purchase displays, logos and websites. 

SQL’s certified G7* print partner on this project followed the G7 guidance of recalibrating their contract proof colors each week to match their press results. When we saw the weekly test sheets against the proofs, we were confident the proofs would therefore be accurate to the color expected on this press run.  

The back section of the book contains a resource guide where Pantone introduced their Color Bridge Library of CMYK colors. There were hundreds of color hues that needed to be reproduced accurately using 4 color process inks. In order to create the balance of colors needed on the press run, individual colors were painstakingly edited in the prepress regimen and reproofed until correct. 

The on-press approvals were done exclusively by SQL Direct on behalf of Pantone and their publisher, Hand Books Press. The press approvals spanned over 2 ½ days of 3 shifts per day. 

The results were completely successful in matching the standards of Pantone’s new color library in the final product. The book was delivered on time to meet the advertised distribution to be sold in stores and completely met the client’s budget.

This book is available on Amazon.

*G7 (Gracol 7) created by Idealliance to promote universal color standards and guidelines within the print community.


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