the influencer

Packaging is the confirmation of your product quality and the hands-on influencer of the buying decision.

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corporate / commercial / institutional
Print management

Work includes all forms of collateral – brochures, folders, kits, point of sale, annual reports, and more.

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the power of data management
Direct Marketing

Data management (including variable data), production versatility, and postal optimization combine for maximum effect

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websites and microsites
web development

Mobile-responsive development of public and portal websites, microsites, and landing pages

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Flooring America

Helping customers play their cards right.

Flooring America needed SQL Direct to produce 400 sets of 204 color palette cards as a resource for their design locations. Each card had a palette of four colors that help clients focus on core design colors for their living space. SQL was asked to handle prepress and production and come up with a packaging method.

The cards were first proofed as Pantone screen combinations. After the first round of proofs we knew that small tweaks would need to be made in 1 to 3 % ranges in each of the colors to make them more accurate to the color pallets provided by Flooring America. After a few rounds of proofs the last step was to work closely with the printer to set up an actual press run to compare to the proofs and originals. At this point only about 10% of the color subjects required further very minor color correction. The final press run went perfectly as planned.

The next step was to produce a custom litho wrap box and lid to showcase the cards. We shipped the cards collated inside the box with a spacer so the cards wouldn't move inside the box during shipping but the cards needed to have ample spacing to be flipped through at the retail outlet.

We shipped the final product to 320 locations across the USA with a balance going to the corporate headquarters. This was an intense color exercise as colors had to match real world samples. While some of the colors repeated in other pallets there were around 500 different custom colors that had to be represented in one press run. The program was a great success and brought together on time and on budget.


IMG 0683 FlooringAmerica card tableau
IMG 0685 FlooringAmerica card 1
IMG 0684 FlooringAmerica card 2
IMG 0688 FlooringAmerica box set1

Prepress Management

Package prototype

Production Management