the influencer

Packaging is the confirmation of your product quality and the hands-on influencer of the buying decision.

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corporate / commercial / institutional
Print management

Work includes all forms of collateral – brochures, folders, kits, point of sale, annual reports, and more.

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the power of data management
Direct Marketing

Data management (including variable data), production versatility, and postal optimization combine for maximum effect

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websites and microsites
web development

Mobile-responsive development of public and portal websites, microsites, and landing pages

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State Street

Technology that works

The creative mission for State Street was to send a large number of top clients a message about their concept of a bright idea. This was to be done by sending a CFL light bulb within environmentally friendly messaged packaging. Our job was to print and kit the packaging that would protect a glass CFL bulb to be delivered worldwide, and get it there in one piece. We sourced the entire project including the light bulbs.

We designed a litho wrapped fluted box with SBS paper board inserts which formed a rigid inner box. The rigid inner box then would need to be fitted with 6 foam insides, to firmly hold the CFL bulb in place, with no inner travel.

The 6th side (top) was a foam lid, glued with a printed message on top, with a thumb hole to remove the lid upon arrival.

We printed the outer box wrap on 60# C1S and inner carton inserts on SBS .024 C1S board, 2 press runs. The wraps were mounted at a custom box manufacturer then die-cut. We sourced the foam which needed to be biodegradable to meet the State Street sustainability standards. The wrap and insert papers were FSC, recycled content and the inks used were soy based. The corrugated flute board was recyclable along with the other papers. The entire project was green to meet meet/exceed corporate responsibility standards.

Assembly, including inserts, foam and light bulb insertion was done at the printer's kitting facility. We filled the distribution list packing one to five boxes per outer carton. We sent the inventory portion to State Street's fulfillment center.

If you happen to see a sample of this project, you will realize the integrity of the structure that housed a fragile item. Our largest concern was ensuring that the bulbs stayed intact inside the custom boxes while being shipped world-wide at the mercy of various handlers both land and air.

To simulate the extreme of this we took 2 random boxes and used them as the ball to play soccer in the bindery. There were no breakage issues.

The intact delivery was 100% successful. See pictures of the project, it's was a bright idea on many levels.


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Component sourcing