Marty Lapham, Creative Director at FinGenuity came to us with an expandable container he recently designed that is patent pending. The basic design features a box lid that rises to a certain predetermined height then is stopped by interlocking tabs holding the lid and base together at the maximum height. There are many food industry applications, but generally this can be used for expanding food products such as cooking popcorn or the proofing of pizza dough.

FinGenuity has focused its national launch on a variation named the POPZUP POPPER. The POPZUP POPPER is a reusable, microwaveable air popcorn popper carton. Each POPZUP POPPER makes 16 batches of 8 cups of healthy, air popped popcorn (128 cups total). One POPZUP POPPER replaces 16 disposable microwave bags. Bags that are often manfactured with unhealthy additiv chemicals. Once used to capacity the POPZUP can then be recycled. This is a green initiative on many levels.

Our task at SQL Direct was to prototype this on the laser plotter (a.k.a. Mimaki) while Fingenuity continued to fine tune and test the design. When we completed proto-typing we provided FinGenuity with the files for die lines from which to base graphics files for a variety of clients. We then completed small digital press runs to create branded one-off proto-types for presentations to prospective clients.

We printed the first production run (26,000 units) on CCKB-clay coated kraft board, a packaging stock, printing 4 colors plus satin aqueous coating. This is a great design and product that we expect will "rise" to success!

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